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Okay, here's the deal. The code generated from this page will automatically embed your Windows Media, QuickTime or Flash videos in a pop-up HTML page using special, behind-the-scenes magic (by magic we mean PHP and JavaScript).

Why is this important? Two main reasons - both are about making things work in Internet Explorer. Yes, we realize that people should dump Explorer and get Firefox but since that's not going to happen in the next week or so, this is helpful because:

1. QuickTime videos will play right away while they're downloading in IE instead of several minutes later.
2. IE viewers won't have to click to activate ActiveX every time they watch one of your Windows Media, QuickTime or Flash videos.

This pop-up maker will work even if your videoblog is on Blogger. If you do have your own server and you'd like to install a copy for yourself, just download this file: For more info & instructions, check out our tutorial.

1. Enter your info


2. Copy & Paste this code in your vlog post

3. That's it, you're done! Return to Freevlog.

Based on the XFN Creator (v1.0 by Matt Mullenweg, v1.1 update by Tantek Celik).
Copyright © 2005 Joshua Kinberg. Some rights reserved.
Modifcations to address the Eolas-Microsoft case by Michael Verdi & Markus Sandy.
Flash video player by Jeroen Wijering and is licensed as CC: NC-BY-SA CSS by Jen Simmons

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